Photo of Anna Tidemann Nelsen & Family

Anna Christine Tidemann was born in Denmark in 1869 to Jens Tidemann and his wife Marie Nissen. The Tidemanns came to America the early 1880s, living in Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Anna was married in 1899 in Dixon County, Nebraska, to Nels Christian Bartel Nelsen, also known as Burt Nelson. He operated a business in Concord, Nebraska, making shoes and harnesses. They had no children of their own, but took in several older girls. Anna died in 1952 at Wayne, Nebraska and is buried near her parents at the Concord (Nebraska) Cemetery.

Family members remember visiting her home in Concord, where the house was filled with the sound of canaries and Anna always served her guests lemonade.

Shown in the photo (circa 1915) is:
Anna (1869-1952)
Tillie Bertha Peterson (born 1906 and adopted by the Nelsens in 1913)
Burt Nelsen (1866-1928)

Updated 29 June 1999

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