Eunice Alvina Miller (1892-1978)

Daughter of H. Chris Miller and Christina Tidemann

Granddaughter of Jens Tidemann and Marie Nissen

Married Grady Steele 1911 - Plankinton, South Dakota

Mother of Mildred, Myrna, Velma, Virginia, and Marvin

As a young man of 14, Grady Steele came with his family from Fairfield, Iowa, to Aurora County, South Dakota. Over the years Grady shortened his name from McGrady McCulloh McSteele to just Grady C. Steele. He worked in a jewelry store and later in a horse stables before taking up farming.

Hawaiian Show - February 1991

Ladies: Velma Gilbert, Mildred Hurni, Virginia Hobson, LaRayne Johnson

Gentlemen: Arthur Gilbert, William Hobson, and Bob Johnson

The Steele Siblings - 11 Aug 2000

Mildred Hurni, Virginia Hobson, Marvin Steele, and Velma Gilbert

Art Gilbert in background

Created 06 Apr 2002

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