Louise Husum


Louise and Sofus Husum were born in Vester Linnet, Denmark, in 1877 and 1879, to Johan Sofus Ferdianandsen Husum and his wife Hansene Tidemann. Their father died in 1881 and in 1885 Sofus and Louise came to America with their widowed mother, widowed grandmother, and a cousin Anna Bier. On July 3, 1885, their mother married Peter Nissen of Laurel Nebraska.

Louise was married 1st to Armenes Rimer of DeWitt, Iowa, until he died in 1924. She was married 2nd to Dow Starr of DeWitt, Iowa, until he died around 1931. She was married 3rd to Martin Heiney. Louise was involved in the restaurant business much of her life. She had one daughter, Bessie Rimer, who died young. Louise died in 1951 at the Amador Hospital in Jackson County, California, and is buried at the Ione (California) Public Cemetery.

Louise and her brother Sofus

As Young Adults in Nebraska

Armenes James Rymer


Armenes worked as a trapper and a hunter. He is buried at Elmwood Cemetery in DeWitt, Iowa.

The Rymer Farm - Calamus, Iowa

Bessie Rymer


Bessie was engaged to be married to Merritt Cousins when she died from a combination of scarlet fever and diptheria. She is buried at Elmwood Cemetery in DeWitt, Iowa.

Dow Starr

Dow Starr and His Son

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