Peter & Hansene Nissen Wedding Photo

Peter Nissen and Hansene Tidemann Husum were married on July 3, 1885 in Hartington, Nebraska. Peter had come to the United State in 1877 and Hansene had married in Denmark and had two children with her first husband, who died in 1881.

Hansene, her mother, her two children, and a niece came to America shortly before her marriage to Peter Nissen. Peter and Hansene then settled on a farm near what is now Laurel, Nebraska and became the parents of seven children.

This is a copy of an original photo in the possession of Darrell Dahl of Laurel, Nebraska. Because it is a dome-shaped photo with glass over it, it didn't photograph well. Therefore, I have included two shots, with the glare in different places.

Created 08 Jan 2000

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