1967 - Ralph and Ethel Green

Just Before Their 50th Anniversary

Ralph Green and Ethel Meier

Married 24 July 1918, Decorah, Iowa

Ralph and Ethel farmed in Post Twp just northeast of Postville, on a farm once owned by their great-great-grandfather William Patterson and later by her parents.

    Ralph's Ancestry
    Elisha Harris (1820-1896)
    Nancy Harris Bollman (1848-1872)
    Maggie Bollman Green (1872-1956)
    Ralph Green (1895-1977)
    Ethel's Ancestry
    Elisha Harris (1820-1896)
    Jane Harris Laughlin (1849-1938)
    Mildred Laughlin Meier (1876-1950)
    Ethel Meier Green (1898-1996)

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