Henry Harris and Amanda Jane Eaton

Henry Samuel Harris was born at Lybrand, Iowa on 09 Jun 1859, the son of Elisha Harris and Margaret Patterson. He farmed in Allamakee County, Iowa, at Norton, Kansas, and at various locations in Missouri, and finally moved to a farm at Puente, California in 1920. He also was a minister. He died at Covina, California on 03 Nov 1940, while teaching a bible study class.

Amanda Jane Eaton was the daughter of Wells Eaton and Mary Woods. She was born in Post Twp on 23 Dec 1859 and died at Covina, California on 11 Jan 1940.

Henry and Amanda were married in Post Twp, Allamakee County, Iowa, on 23 Dec 1880 and became the parents of four children. Henry and Amanda are buried at the Pomona California Cemetery.

Henry and Amanda at Different Ages

Maurice Eaton Harris (1881-1895)

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