Photos of the William Harris Family

William Harris was born in 19 Jun 1846 in Morgan County, Ohio, the son of Elisha Harris and Margaret Patterson. He came with his family to Allamakee county in the spring of 1854. He built up a large farm that once consisted of over 500 acres and brought the Aberdeen cattle to the Postville area. In 1905 the Harrises retired and moved to Postville. He died there on 10 Mar 1923.

Charity McDonald was born in Green County, Wisconsin on 01 Jan 1849, the daughter of Duncan McDonald and Jane Green. Her family moved to the Postville area when she was young. She and Will were married on 12 Mar 1869 in Postville, Iowa and became the parents of six children.

Will, Charity, and their four older children

William (1846-1923)
Charity (1849-1920)

Herman (1869-1926)
Bertha Jane (1871-1946)
Edith (1875-1970)
Edna (1879-1939)

Other Photos At Different Ages

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