Baulig Family Gathering

Beck's Grove, Rome, New York - Circa 1921

Grandpa Kenney numbered this picture, but we couldn't find a list to go with the picture when I found this picture in Edgewood around 1990. In 1991 some of Grandpa's cousins were still living and they were able to identify most of the people. Those helpful ladies were Elizabeth Haunfelner, Margaret Murphy, Helen Walker, and Peg Boulant. In 2002 Eleanor Connick Porter provided me with the name of the location of the gathering.

Mary Thresia Steiert Baulig (1839-1924) is the elderly woman in the chair

Seated on ground - left to right:
Margaret Hept Murphy (1911-1994), #1, girl with basketball
Eleanor Connick Porter, #2, unhappy little girl, because someone had just tried to put a frog down her dress
Helen Hept Walker (1908-1993), #3, girl with plaid dress
Agnes "Peg" Baulig Boulant (1908-1993), #4, girl with round white collar
George Haunfelner, Jr (1901-1978), #5, young man with dark hair
Anthony Baulig (1909-1991), #6, boy in shorts with bat and ball
Winifred Bowers LaFranchi (1900-1990), #7, plaid dress
Edward Haunfelner (1893-1925), #8, with glasses and tie
Ella Mae Baulig Kern (1899-1983), #9, dark & light outfit
Unknown - may be Frank Kern (1898-1925), man on end without a number

Middle row - seated on bench on left side:
Nute Jones (1870-1951), #1, heavy set with white hair and bow tie
Irene Hept Soellner (1897-1975), #2, dark scarf tied around neck
Roy Connick (1896-1951), #3, bow tie, light colored shoes

Middle row - standing:
Joseph Hept (1869-1944), #2, polka dot tie
Minnie Baulig Connick (1874-1953), #3, white dress
Lena Baulig Hept (1872-1963), #4, in white dress, leaning on chair
Anthony Baulig, Sr (1877-1942), #5, graying at temples
Kate Baulig Bowers (1866-1943), #6, glasses, darker dress, leaning on chair
Theresa Baulig Haunfelner (1868-1961), #7, shorter with check dress and white collar

Middle row - seated on bench on right side:
Elizabeth Fortune Baulig (1875-1947), #4, heavy set in white dress
Isabella Baulig Meyers (1901-1935), #5, holding baby Elizabeth
Ruby Thomas Hept (1898-1968), #6, holding baby Thomasine
Kathleen McGonigle Baulig (1898-1984), no number, round collar
Arnold Baulig (1896-1954), young man in white shirt on end

Back row - standling (on a bench?) left to right:
Unrelated young man, no number, shorter than rest
Unrelated young man, tall with chain showing
Madlyn Hept Bathrick (1901-1973), #2, plaid skirt, white top
Stanley Connick (1904-1987), #3, white shirt with bow tie
Marcella Connick Jones (1894-1976), #4, smiling, turned to side
James Connick (1871-1952), #5, man in vest with glasses
Unknown - possibly Frank Kern (1898-1925), young man with wavy hair, no number
Mary Haunfelner Kelley (1899-????), young woman with bags under eyes
Philomena "Minnie" Haunfelner (1892-1977), #8, in jumper with dark bow

Back row - standing (on the ground) left to right:
Ruth Baulig Breads (1905-1993), #8, white blouse with striped scarf
Norbert Hept (1894-1962), #9, bow tie and crossed arms
Harry Sinclair (1891-1979), #10, white shirt, no tie
Louella Connick Sinclair (1900-1986), #11, young woman on end

Updated 05 Jan 2003

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