Photo of Jane Cuttle Laughlin

Jane Cuttle is reported to have been born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1814. On May 31, 1834 she and John Laughlin were married at Kilbarchan, Renfrew, Scotland, and soon after they sailed for America. They first settled in New York City, where her husband worked hauling flour. Later they lived in Schenectady, New York, Adrian, Michigan, and Fort Wayne, Michigan, before arriving in Allamakee county, Iowa in 1849.

In Post Township of Allamakee County they bought land at $1.25 an acre and built a log cabin. In 1858 they built a home with materials brought from McGregor. By the time her husband passed, they owned 780 acres.

Grandma Laughlin continued with the farm after her husband's death and raised her minor children as a widow. Later she raised her orphaned grand daughter Effie Douglas.

This photo was taken at the Fred N. Beedy Art Gallery in Nova Springs, Iowa.

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Updated 01 Aug 1999