Photo of Elizabeth Laughlin Riddle

Elizabeth Laughlin was born on March 24, 1835 in New York City, the daughter of John Laughlin and Jane Cuttle. She married first James McCarthy Riddle, on 25 Nov, 1851, at Postville, Iowa. (The Riddle family is rumored to have been associated with the Patterson family in Ohio and earlier in Pennsylvania. I have not been able to verify this.) In the early part of 1857, James and Elizabeth Riddle and three others families moved to Nebraska and settled in Lancaster county. In their first years there they had a lot of trouble with the native Americans. The Riddles became the parenst of five sons. James Riddle died in 1882.

Elizabeth Riddle married second David A. Riddle, who is reported to have been her first husband's brother. David died in 1912 in Raymond, Nebraska, and Elizabeth died in 1916 at her son's home in Hickman, Nebraska. Lizzie and both her husbands are buried at Oak Creek Cemetery near Raymond, Nebraska.

This photo of Lizzie Riddle was taken at Mulvane Photographers in Raymond, Nebraska.

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Updated 01 Aug 1999