Photo of Becky Barclay

Rebecca May Patterson and her twin sister Mary Rebecca Patterson were born June 8, 1860, somewhere in Illinois. The twins were the daughters of James Patterson and Amanda E. Dobson, both of Allamakee county, Iowa.

Her father James died as a Civil War soldier in 1863. Her mother remarried, but died young in 1865. After that, Becky, her twin, and a younger sister Sarah were raised by her Patterson grandparents.

At the time of the 1880 census, Becky Barclay was a servant in the George Lull household in Postville. The photo shown here was probably taken around 1890 and the back lists her as Becky Barclay. Becky was first married to Ray D. Barclay who died in 1884 and is buried at the Postville, Iowa cemetery. She married second Clinton B. Austin on October 4, 1899. That is the last information I have.

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Updated 21 Aug 1999