Photo of William Henry Patterson

William Henry Patterson was born 09 June 1801 in Washington county, Pennsylvania, in an area known as Patterson Mills, the son of John and Margaret Patterson. Later he relocated with his father to Morgan county, Ohio, and settled there in Bloom Township. There William owned and operated a salt mine.

He married Mary Elizabeth Taylor on 21 Jun 1825 in Morgan county, Ohio. They became the parents of 10 children, eight of whom grew to adulthood.

In the spring of 1854 the William Patterson family came to Allamakee county, Iowa, in a wagon train led by their son-in-law Elisha Harris. The Pattersons established a farm in Post Township, which they eventually turned over to a son. Later this farm was owned by Henry Meier and later by Ralph and Ethel Green. Family traditions says that William operated a butcher shop in Postville after retiring from farming. The Pattersons lived out their lives Iowa and are buried at Minert Cemetery in rural Post Township.

After their son James died in the Civil War and James' widow died soon after, William and Mary Patterson became the guardians for and raised their three grand-daughters by James.

No pictures of William's wife Mary are known to exist. Please contact me if you have one.

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