Diane, Maverick, and Goose

Christmas 1988

Diane adopted two litter-mate kittens in the summer of 1988 and named them Maverick and Nicki. At the time Diane was sharing an apartment with her friend Lori (aka Fats).

In the fall of 1988, Lori flew home to Texas after APD drove her to the airport. Diane moved home to live with her mom and Smiley. Betty refused to take in her cat grandchildren, so we took them in until Diane could find an affordable place of her own. When the cats were still living with us at Christmas 1988, we had them declawed and we started calling Nicki Goose. Diane is shown comforting them after this procedure.

Over the years Goose and Maverick continued to live with us. (Diane - you need to find a husband who likes cats!) Maverick became a fat cat and Goose was always an anorexic cat. Goose vanished one day in the summer of 2000, but Maverick is happily co-habitating with his newfound cat friend Cody (short for co-dependent kitty).

Created 29 Dec 2001

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