Jennifer by Uneeda

A red-headed Jennifer was offered in the Wards 1972 Christmas catalog, on the page across from Crissy. Wards sold her with six outfits for $6.88. Although Wards listed Jennifer as an exclusive, she was also sold with her outfits in the 1972 Penneys Christmas Catalog. Wards was still selling this set in 1974 and the price was then $7.44; by then Jennifer was offered as a blond, her hair was shorter, and the white print dress had been replaced with a red print dress.

She was sold elsewhere with just one of the outfits. Some of the dolls are marked Uneeda Hong Kong and others say just "Made in Taiwan" with no reference to Uneeda. It appears that the molds were of varying sizes and some dolls are a little taller than others.

Wards Catalog 1972 and an Individually Boxed Doll

J.C. Penneys Catalog 1972

Jennifer came as a blond, a brunette, redhead, or black doll

Jennifer borrowed the turquoise boots from Crissy

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